red arrows, falmouth, 13 August 2015.

Harbourscape thumbed

Chalk red, blue,

dirty sighs from sharp shined jets.

Abdominal muscles press through to spines and hands press


through grass blades to the earth; grip the cold metallic frame of deckchairs,

reach through gloves to control wheels –


And the eyes they overreach, searching the thin lines between joy and fear




At the checkout

I suspend us and run back, past

More aisles than I remembered

there were, an elastic

between us,


Hooke’s Law,

F = -kX, and

just before the snap
I pick it up


Checkout after checkout

Homogeneity released from heterogeneity

In the kitchen, it is already feeding,

Burping, multiplying –

I spread the cling film over

The bowl, a starter for a bubble

That will rise, a dough that will exhale

Like a city